Jeep is On a Mission To Go 100% Electric

Jeep has just kicked off its "100% Electrified Freedom" campaign with the unveiling of the Jeep Compass and Renegade driven by its e-Hybrid and 4xe technologies. The Jeep brand, with its legendary 80-year history of auto-industry firsts and innovation, is moving fast towards a new concept of mobility, further enhancing its values of ease of use, comfort and driving fun, fuel efficiency, respect for the environment, high-performance, safety, and adventure.

Stellantis is moving towards a future where 100 percent of all vehicles sold in Europe and 50 percent of the lineup in North America will be electric by 2030.

This vision has been well-received by customers. In 2021, one out of four Jeeps sold in Europe was a 4xe. In the first two months of 2022, one out of three Jeep brand sales were 4xe. We see this as clear evidence of the growing interest in sustainable driving, even among Jeep's off-road enthusiasts. We viewed off-roaders as key in the development of the 4xe and e-Hybrid technologies.

The Jeep e-Hybrid SUV: An Authentic Hybrid Experience

Thanks to the new e-Hybrid propulsion system, Renegade and Compass offer a brand new alternative in the two-wheel drive segment. Customers can continue driving the way they always have, but they can enjoy a genuine hybrid experience with the possibility of going into full-electric mode during parking and low-speed driving.

These vehicles go into and out of full electric mode thanks to its Silent Start function. Energy Recovery switches on automatically in order to restore energy lost during deceleration or braking. The e-Coasting mode activates as soon as you take your foot off the pedal in order to reproduce the sensation of engine braking. The e-Braking function activates when you brake in order to increase energy recovery. You can see the hybrid system's energy flow on the infotainment touchscreen. During these driving modes, the combustion engine turns off and disconnects from the transmission.

The Jeep e-Hybrid SUV returns to electric mode thanks to its e-Launch function. When you step on the pedal for greater performance, the combustion engine activates silently, going from hybrid driving to automatic mode.

In traffic, the e-Queueing mode enables the vehicle to stop and go in full-electric mode while the e-Creeping mode allows you to travel with the engine off when you release the brake pedal.

Once you're out of traffic, you can optimize the combustion engine's Load Point Shift through the calibration of the drive or brake torque supplied by the electric engine. The result is a further increase in the system's efficiency. During acceleration, the e-Boosting function accentuates a prompt response, as the electric engine supports the gas engine by increasing torque to the wheels. When you reach your destination, you can use the e-Parking function to maneuver your way into your space.

Performance and Fun: the Jeep 4xe SUV Experience

Thanks to Plug-In Hybrid technology, the 4xe Compass, Renegade and Wrangler models are the highest-performing and most fun Jeep SUVs ever.

They truly satisfy our claim of "Go Anywhere, Do Anything."

At the same time, both are ideal vehicles for everyday driving in the city as their hybrid plug-in technology allows for zero-emission mobility and 50 km of city driving in full-electric mode. Fun becomes efficient with the Jeep 4xe SUV. Its off-road capability nicely balances fun driving with environmental consciousness.

Both models are hybrid "by default" in order to guarantee the greatest ease in use and efficiency on any road.

In the city, the 100% electric mode allows for zero-emissions driving with only the electric engine supplying traction to the rear tires. Recharging is also a cinch with a full charge taking only about an hour and a half.

That said, the Renegade and Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrids remain true to their Jeep SUV roots. When the road gets tough and requires greater traction, they automatically take advantage of two propulsion systems on both axes. This improves off-road functions coordinated by the Select Terrain system, updated for the electric 4x4 driving modes.

The 4xe technology also delivers greater capability compared to a traditional 4x4 as the electric motor delivers approximately 185 lb. of torque almost instantaneously. This allows for the greatest traction and torque even at low speeds.

The Upland Version Debuts for More Sustainable Driving

As part of the 100% Electrified Campaign, Jeep has unveiled new versions of the 4xe and e-Hybrid Compass and Renegade, including the Upland and the top S-range, which stand with its exclusive 19" dual-tone alloy wheels, burnished exterior finish and automatic parking system. It's worth pointing out that the Compass comes standard with 19" gloss-black alloyed wheels, a body-colored fender, black roof, an automatic tailgate and adjustable leather seats.

All the vehicles provide a superb driving experience punctuated by versatility, a relaxed feel and safety. Jeep employs advanced driving-assist systems to their fullest. The Compass was the first Jeep model in Europe to reach level-two autonomous driving thanks to the Highway Assist system that combines Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering systems functions. Both models include next-generation Uconnect Services, which allow drivers to the control vehicle functions while in motion and, with the My Connect app, even remotely.

Jeep Authentic Accessories from Mopar and Jeep Performance Parts

The Jeep Renegade and Compass 4xe and e-Hybrid SUVs can be customized with a wide range of Jeep Authentic Accessories powered by Mopar® and Jeep Performance Parts. Over 100 accessories enhance Jeep's urban and off-road capabilities.

Jeep® Brand

Built on 80 years of legendary heritage, Jeep is the authentic SUV brand that brings capability, craftsmanship and versatility to people who seek extraordinary journeys. The Jeep brand delivers an open invitation to live life to the fullest by offering a broad portfolio of vehicles that continues to provide owners with a sense of safety and security to handle any journey with confidence. The Jeep vehicle range consists of the Renegade, Renegade 4xe, Renegade e-Hybrid; Compass, Compass 4xe, Compass e-Hybrid; Wrangler (outside of EU), Wrangler 4xe and Gladiator complete the range with a pick-up/Truck offer. Jeep Wave, a premium owner loyalty and customer care program that is available to the entire Jeep 4x4 lineup, is filled with benefits and exclusive perks to deliver Jeep brand owners the utmost care and dedicated 24/7 support. The legendary Jeep brand's off-road capability is enhanced by a global electrification initiative that is transforming 4xe into new 4x4 in pursuit of the brand's vision of accomplishing Zero Emission Freedom.

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