What Does the Jeep Trail Rated Badge Mean?

People choose Jeep for their vehicle's inherent sense of adventure and promised driving thrills, because all Jeeps are capable, off-road ready vehicles. So if all Jeeps are capable and off-road ready, what's it mean to drive a Jeep with a Trail Rated Badge? First, it's important to know that Trail Rated Badges aren't given, they're earned. For a vehicle to earn its badge, it must outlast 22 miles of rocky, grueling landscape known as California's Rubicon Trail; survive the blistering cold of Northern Michigan; and, traverse the slickrock surfaces of Moab, Utah. Then, after all that driving, to earn its Badge, it must achieve performance excellence in the following five categories:

Trail Rated vehicles must have the ability to safely handle the harshest, most unpredictable driving conditions. Whether you find yourself traversing muddied plains or snow-covered streets, a Trail Rated Jeep must be equipped to get you where you need to be.

Water Fording
From deep rain puddles to overflowing creeks, a Trail Rated Jeep is designed to get you over bodies of water without incurring vehicle damage. In a Trail Rated Jeep, the air intake is positioned higher up to protect it from water, and electrical connections and body openings are sealed.

Thanks to precision steering and optimized wheelbases, Trail Rated Jeeps can navigate tight trails, switchback down mountains, and provide the agility needed to steer clear of road accidents.

In a Trail Rated Jeep, you'll experience higher levels of articulation, which means your Jeep's wheels remain stable and engaged even when one or more tires are off the ground. This level of articulation is critical for off-roading when you find yourself traversing uneven, rocky terrain, and it even comes in handy on the road as it helps keep you safe if you hit a pothole or find yourself driving down a road under heavy construction.

Ground Clearance
In a Trail Rated Jeep, the ground clearance is maximized so you have all the space you need between your Jeep's undercarriage and the terrain you're driving over.

For more information about Trail Rated Jeep vehicles, stop by our Richmond, CA Jeep dealership. Meet with a member of our Hilltop Jeep sales team and take a Trail Rated Jeep out for a test drive. Although you won't be able to test drive a Trail Rated Jeep on the California Rubicon or around scenic Moab, after a brief test drive we're confident you'll understand the superior capability that comes with driving Trail Rated.

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